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Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)

Burkina Faso Cohort – MWF 2023


The YALI, Young African Leaders Initiative is an initiative of the US State Department. It began in 2010 under the patronage of President Obama. President Obama has always believed in the potential of African youth and decided to set up a platform for them to demonstrate their talent. The objective of this program is to support young African leaders in their efforts to promote growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, improve peace and security on the African continent. The YALI is divided into 3 major programs;

  • The Mandela Washington Fellowship which is a 6 weeks program in the United States. It empowers young people through academic coursework, leadership training, and networking.
  • The Regional YALI which is a program of 4 weeks or more in regional centers in Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana with a satellite center in Nigeria. The RLCs serve as a place for regional collaboration driven by young leaders by providing in-person and online training, networking, and professional development opportunities.
  • The YALI network is a platform that offers free online training, online conversations, in person connection in order to develop the qualities of young leaders. It provides members with invaluable opportunities to connect with other leaders in their community and to learn from experts in their field.

The registration conditions differ depending on each program.

For more info, visit https://yali.state.gov.

Apply at: mwfellows.info/apply