U.S. Embassy Trains HandiAble Basketball Players in Koudougou

Tommy Davis and HandiAble sports! (PD photos/Tommy Davis)
Tommy Davis and HandiAble sports! (PD photos/Tommy Davis)

Coach and former NBA player Tommy Davis trained HandiAble basketball players on fundamental skills.  During the month of July, the United States celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act, a law ensuring that millions of Americans with disabilities have the chance to make their contributions to the world.

In this sports-exchange players and coaches talked about leadership both on and off the court.  Ambassador Mushingi said, “

Today, we can all be inspired by the strength of these players as athletes and how that transfers to their daily activities.  Just trying to get around the market and taking care of daily needs is extra challenging.”

Every day, the State Department demonstrates its commitment to “access for all” and to advancing disability rights in the United States and abroad. As Secretary Kerry said, “As an international community, we must do everything in our power to pursue the policies of inclusivity so that we leave no one behind — anywhere.”