U. S. Embassy provides professional journal to English educators

Recent editions of English Teaching Forum journal.

During this month of March 2017, the U. S. Embassy in Ouagadougou has distributed over 3,000 copies of recent editions of a U. S. government published English teaching professional journal to four regional offices of the Ministry of National Education. English teachers, inspectors, and advisors in the Central, North Central, Sahel, and Hauts Bassins regions will soon benefit from this vital resource.  English Teaching Forum, as the publication is called, is by and large the only English teaching publication most English language educators in Burkina Faso ever get to read.  Providing print resources like Forum is a priority for the U. S. Embassy.  This journal keeps teachers updated on English language teaching methodology and current practice in the field.  This is important particularly in regions of Burkina Faso where Internet bandwidth is low or access is unreliable, and where communities are not even on the electrical grid. Forum is essential for helping instructors improve their craft and subsequently, student outcomes, both of which respond to shared goals of spurring economic growth and development by increasing English proficiency.