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U.S. Embassy Statement on Human Rights Watch Report: Burkina Faso Allegations of Extrajudicial Killings
July 8, 2020

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The United States is deeply concerned by the continued and growing number of allegations of abuse and extrajudicial killings carried about by Burkinabe security forces, including those documented by Human Rights Watch in its July 8 report detailing 180  alleged extrajudicial killings by security forces in and around  Djibo. 

We welcome the June 30th commitment by  President  Kabore  and the  G5 Sahel heads of state to investigate allegations of human rights abuses, and to hold those found guilty to account.   We strongly urge the government to immediately launch an independent, timely, and fully resourced investigation into these new allegations and, should the allegations be proven, ensure full  accountability for  any findings of  human rights violations. 

Violent extremist organizations threaten and kill government security forces and citizens alike; their tactics and methods are abhorrent.  In the face of these threats, it is imperative that governments uphold the highest standards of conduct, and honor the state’s responsibility to protect its citizens.  If and when it fails to do so, it must hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.  No one is above the law. 

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Burkina Faso in this fight against violent extremism.  Respect for human rights is the foundation of a democracy that will triumph in the face of its foes.