U.S. Embassy Offers Media Training

Amb. Mushingi and the trainees
Amb. Mushingi and the trainees

The U.S. Embassy offered political journalism and election coverage training to Burkinabé journalists on December 8. The training was provided by international media consultant Eduardo Cue from France by videoconference.

The session began with a discussion on the November 29 presidential and legislative elections. The journalist participants self-assessed their work covering the elections, and it emerged that overall the media lacked a critical mind. Mr. Cue then gave the journalists some tips on how to carry out their work during elections. He reviewed some articles written by Burkinabé reporters and pointed out where they could have been improved. He also advised the reporters on how they should cover the new government.

Next, Mr. Cue focused on the relationship between political journalists and politicians, and anonymous sources of information. He encouraged them to resist falling too deeply into politics because this could obstruct the objectivity of their analysis. He invited them to remain vigilant regarding the actions of the new government and to check whether it will keep its promises because their role is to hold the government accountable.

At the end of the day, each participant received a special certificate. Mr. Cue thanked them for their interest in the content of his training. He also congratulated the women for their standout participation in discussions during the training. The participants expressed satisfaction with the program because now they are better equipped to carry out their work.