Teachers and Students Capacity Bulding with McKenna Radunzel

group shotAll for One and One for All: Volunteer McKenna Radunzel provided training to 5 primary schools teachers of the community of Dakoro in 2012. The primary goal of the project was to provide instructional materials and training which would then improve instructional practice. The project successfully provided 5 schools with a total of 60 chalkboards and conducted a 1/2 day training with the inspection to help teachers implement the use of the chalkboards for new teaching techniques. The 7 teachers that helped to implement the project learned project development and management skills. The 22 teachers who participated in the training learned more effective teacher and formative assessment skills to use with their students. The chalkboards allow the teachers to design small group assessment work with students and to easily diagnose misunderstandings and select groups that need more individualized instruction.  Key to the success of the program was the small chalkboards that students use to complete group assignments and present their work to the class. The training went really well and all of the teachers involved in the training have expressed gratitude for the information and the participation of the parents’ associations.