Public Diplomacy Deputy Officer Help Young Women Develop Leadership Skill

Ambassador Mushingi Encourages Young Women at the Launching Ceremony
Ambassador Mushingi Encourages Young Women at the Launching Ceremony

The U.S. Embassy to Burkina Faso initiated a Women’s Leadership and Professional Development Seminar for the benefit of young women desiring to strengthen their capacities for successful business. The program started on November 17 with the support and participation of Ambassador Mushingi.

More than sixty women attended the kick-off of Public Affairs’ fresh, new seminar for Burkinabe women designed to enhance their professional skills and improve their confidence. Ambassador Mushingi spoke with the participants for a few minutes at the outset encouraging them to remain engaged throughout the seminar and saying he hoped they would take advantage of the resources in the Embassy’s library.

The first session focused on tips for creating effective résumés. Participants spent time editing their résumés and later posed questions to the instructor, Deputy Director of Public Affairs Todd Sargent. At the end, participants were invited to submit their résumés by email to be critiqued. Paticipants showed great interest to the program. One of them said afterward that it has already been enriching and that she will insist on attending the rest of the sessions.

This monthly French-language seminar addresses interview techniques, leadership skills, public speaking and other relevant topics before wrapping up in July 2016. Participants were selected from over 230 online applications for the seminar.