Political Reporting in Challenging Time: A DVC with ARS Speaker M. Betz

group shotIn an effort to support women journalists in their coverage of the upcoming national elections, the Public Affairs Section at Embassy Ouagadougou organized a Digital Video Conference (DVC) with the Association of Women Journalists (APAC) on August 20, 2015. The journalists in attendance included women from the Burkinabe print, radio, television, electronic, and web-based media interested in developing best practices specific to covering national elections. Burkina Faso’s election will take place on October 11. Media consultant Michelle Betz, a journalist with experience in conflict zones and covering elections, addressed the theme of “political reporting in challenging times”, advised the women on interview tips, and discussed what they might ask the candidates about, i.e., party platforms and political promises, national and local issues and concerns, and national debates about the elections. The speech was followed by an extended Q&A and a surprise visit from Ambassador Mushingi, who encouraged the journalists to shine their lights to help make Burkina Faso stronger. Thirty-nine journalists, including four male reporters, attended the DVC.