Ouagadougou English Access Program Students are Leaders-In-Training

On March 11, 2017, 100 English Access Microscholarship Program students engaged in a half-day leadership training hosted at Université Aube Nouvelle (U-AUBEN) in Ouagadougou. U. S. Embassy Director of Public Affairs, Brenda Soya, pulled out her rope and blindfolds for some fun leadership and communication exercises that not only had students laughing but learning. In addition, embassy staff and the English Language Fellow at U-AUBEN used drama, Young African Leaders (YALI) on-line courses, and interactive discussion to help students define ethical leadership and understand the importance of creating their personal code of ethics as young leaders. The English Access Micro Scholarship Program is a U. S. government program which supports economic growth and development as learning English provides a crucial skill that translates into improved educational and economic opportunities for students. The Access Program also supports goals of strengthening democracy and promoting good governance through student-centered teaching where vital debate and exchange are encouraged and critical thinking reinforced creating leadership opportunities in a democratic classroom environment.