‘Engaged Together, We Are Stronger,’ says U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young

Ambassador highlights U.S. Engagement to G5-Sahel and ECOWAS

We are engaged together against the challenges that affect us all. The United States engages with the G5-Sahel and ECOWAS through three primary thematic areas:

1) Governance: to support your democratic structures and accountability.

2) Security: to help your forces on the ground reflect your values, your democracy, your humanity as they confront the threat from criminals that threaten your stability.

3) Equitable Development: Our efforts support the population to be more resilient and to address current needs and circumstances.

We are confident that with the support of all those gathered at this extraordinary summit, we will succeed. We are confident that the countries represented around this table, in strength and capital, can be a tsunami against this handful of people who seek chaos. Engaged together we are stronger, and if each of us brings his stone to the building against these evildoers, this wall will resist.