EducationUSA Ouagadougou Success Story

My name is Mariam Toure, I am a Burkinabe student who, thanks to EducationUSA, has had an academic but also a social experience that changed my life.

Four years ago, when I was a frequent subscriber to the American Library, I became interested in the EducationUSA sessions to understand and familiarize myself with the correct and proper process for studying in the United States. Many of us want to take this opportunity to study outside, but few are aware of the preparation, the commitment and the steps to follow to achieve it, without surprises, without disappointment and without desolation; and even if quotes before, be prepared to accept, reevaluate and try again.

The EducationUSA sessions are, first, truthful. The Education Counselor at the embassy, currently Mr. TANKOANO, gives you and presents the information as it is. This information comes directly from the American education system itself, with supporting data and statistics. This information is verifiable, either informally or directly from the institutions concerned. As a result, they are difficult to falsify and meditate. We know that there are sources of external information, dubious yet juicy, that often lead students and their families to avoidable financial losses. It is therefore important to rely on information coming directly from the system.

Then EducationUSA is realistic. Although we all hope that aspiring to study in the United States is easy and very affordable, the reality is different but better than the illusion some of us face. At EducationUSA, we will not tell you that it is possible to arrive in the United States with means of one year and to “get by” once there, because that is impossible. From experience, I have seen how some international students suffer to survive and pay for their education, as a result of taking such risks. Others find themselves in a dead end and live only day by day. No parent would want his child to experience such difficulties. That is why EducationUSA makes sure to send you the figures as they are to help you better prepare. However, even if studying in the United States is very expensive, there is this beautiful setback that many ignore. There are a multitude of scholarships and sponsors for international students, there is just to know where they are. That too, EducationUSA gives you access to it. Of course, this requires research, patience and perseverance, but doing nothing has nothing! And I tried.

Four years ago, I decided to trust EducationUSA, and this was one of the best decisions I made for the sake of my future. I “did my homework” as the Americans say. The library provides us with free search tools, and the EducationUSA advisor is always available to advise and follow us through the steps. I did my research; I explored all my options and eliminated impossibilities and / or sur-realities; I applied to different universities; I was honest about my situation, my needs, but I also struggled to deserve my opportunity; After following the rules, steps and advice, I obtained a scholarship that allowed me today to obtain a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and French Studies, at the University of Michigan Dearborn. I also, at the same time, fully benefit from my experience as any American student, by integrating into campus society, helping the community, and developing ideas for social and economic change to bring back and implant in my country. Today, I am an ambassador of my country in my university and vice versa, which has proven that foreign students, when given the opportunity, contribute greatly to the promotion and enhancement of international education. And without EducationUSA, it would not have been possible.

You too can seize your chance!