Art Envoy “Barefoot Blue Grass Movement in Burkina Faso”

band playing musicThe Public Diplomacy Section through ECA Arts Envoy Program brought a Blue Grass Barefoot Movement to empower our mutual understanding program by taking part to our American Film week project and to highlight the significance of Blue Grass music in American Culture. During their stay, the Barefoot movement performed in various places including the Delwinde Center where they gave an hour long concert for the over 200 women accused of witchcraft. For one hour, the women who are victims of rejection interacted with PAS staff and the band. The band also performed at Centre Wamde, a center who takes care of underprivileged children (abandoned orphans) by given them opportunity to grow in a family, and also the opportunity to go to school and/or to learn an art (music, carpentering, and sewing. They ultimately performed in a public primary school and in Koudougou, a city located at 100 km of Ouagadougou. The goal of all these concerts was to create an opportunity for cultural exchange via music and engage young musicians at the same time.