The “American Friends of Burkina” Awards a Prize for Peace to the Mogho Naaba

Mogho Naaba receiving the peace prize
Mogho Naaba receiving the peace prize.

U.S. Ambassador Mushingi led a delegation of Peace Corps and the Association “Friends of Burkina Faso” to the Mogho Naaba Palace on Saturday September 26th to donate a “Peace Prize” to the King of the Mossi. Michael Lavoie, president of “Friends of Burkina Faso” along with his spouse representing the Association donated the award to the king in recognition of his contribution to peace in Burkina Faso. The Mogho Naaba who is the first winner of the “Peace Award” accepted the prize “with honor and humility”, and gave the accompanying money worth 2000 USD to the orphans’ School Home Kisito. Created few months ago, the award will be given each year to a personality, Burkinabe or American, who contributed in a significant manner to peace in Burkina.