American, Burkinabe English Educators Reinforce Teaching Methods

In Koudougou on March 25, 2017, English Language Fellows Ms. Alexis Cherewka from the Université Aube Nouvelle-Ouagadougou and Mr. Kyle Kaminski, from the Université de Koudougou, trained a group of 19 Burkinabe English educators.  The group was composed of American Language Center-Koudougou instructors, regional English inspectors and teacher-trainers from the Ministry of Education, and secondary teachers from Koudougou. This training focused on practical methods for creating a student-centered classroom.  Participants learned strategies for improving speaking activities, incorporating accuracy and fluency in writing, and increasing student motivation.  At the end of the day, teachers and inspectors alike were satisfied and rated the working sessions as very successful.  One teacher commented, “This training provided more tools for teachers; it was useful and practical.”  Creating student-centered classrooms increases student participation in class, promoting debate and critical thinking for problem solving.  It provides an atmosphere in which students learn to take charge of their own learning and in doing so, improve their language skills while developing abilities to analyze and create. English language skills combined with these high level thinking skills will make students more competent and competitive for various educational and professional opportunities.