Ambassador Visits a Center Hosting Women Victims of Obstetric Fistula

Family picture with the Foundation women
Family picture with the Foundation women

On March 3, the Ambassador went to the Rama Foundation, an organization which hosts women victims of obstetrical fistula, to create awareness and to see their living conditions.

He visited all of the Center’s infrastructure including their kitchen gardens, dormitories, school, and clinics where he met with patients arriving for surgery. His Excellency listened to the testimony of Mrs. Juliette Yougbaré, who was successfully treated for her fistula in 2011. She drew his attention to the harsh realities of victims of fistula and asked for his support.

Speaking at the Center, Ambassador Mushingi associated his visit with International Women’s Day to be celebrated on March 8. “Women exclusion and violence committed against them in all its forms remains one of the State Department’s concerns in its fight for the (…) women’s rights defenses…,” declared the Ambassador.

“In Burkina Faso, despite some efforts, obstetrical fistula remains one of the causes of women social exclusion by preventing them from socializing, from undertaking activities, and from adding to their community and society. The aim of this visit was to encourage you, women of Ram Foundation,” the Ambassador ended.