Ambassador Mushingi visits the North Region

group shotMay 7-8, 2014: U.S Ambassador Tulinabo Mushingi visited the North Region of Burkina Faso in the context of “The American Road Show” and met with the region’s officials in Ouahigouya, including Governor K. Barra of the Region and the Mayor of Ouahigouya. During his stay, he visited the USAID funded project PDEV (Peace through Development) and discovered the various programs of this youth focused project such as the Ouahigouya Prison wall painting by Association ARCAN or the restaurant of Jeunesse Espoir. The road show also stopped in Gondologo, a village near Ouahigouya where Ambassador Mushingi inaugurated the Tikwendé Women’s association grain mill, funded by the Ambassador Self-help fund. The Road Show in the North ended in Gourcy, where Ambassador and the king of Gourcy visited the facilities and activities of Jeunesse Espoir, an association sponsored by PDEV II.