Ambassador Marks Cultural Preservation Grant

Ambassador traveled to the ancient walled village of Tiébélé April 14 to meet local authorities and mark the successful conclusion of the Embassy’s Cultural Preservation grant to this proposed World Heritage Site. .  He then traveled to Pô where he participated in a lively seminar conducted by the Mission Public Diplomacy Office for regional English teachers and inspectors. . In recent decades, the centuries old village of Tiébélé, home and Royal Court to the Kassena, one of the oldest Burkinabe ethnic groups, and one of Burkina Faso’s paramount tourist attractions, has been threatened by the rising flood plain of a nearby stream.  The United States, in collaboration with the government of Burkina Faso, World Monument Watch, and Wallonie Bruxelles, contributed $30,000 through the Ambassador’s Cultural Preservation Program to rebuilding the village drainage system and rehabilitating fifty of the unique painted structures within the compound.