30 New Peace Corps Volunteers Sworn-in in Ouagadougou

group shotTuesday, December 17, 2013. 30 new Peace Corps Volunteers were sworn-in at the U.S. Embassy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The new volunteers, ranging from 22 to 61 years in age, received 9 weeks of training in Léo where they received technical and cross-cultural training. Throughout their training, they lived with host families who helped facilitate the experience while helping them adapt to their new country of residence.  During the ceremony, six volunteers briefly addressed the audience in six different languages: French; Moore; Jula; Nuni; Dagara; and Lobiri.

Currently, Peace Corps has a total of 125 Volunteers serving in Burkina Faso.  21 of the newly sworn-in Volunteers will be working in the health sector and 9 in the Community Economic Development sector. Through these new Volunteers, the United States and Burkina Faso are working together to reduce poverty.